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Applejack's "Day" Off? Watch it here: 

189 deviants said :iconapplejacksmileplz: Liked it.
132 deviants said :iconitsgoingokplz: It was ok...
97 deviants said :iconapplejackishappyplz: Loved it!
40 deviants said :iconapplejackreally: Didn't like it.
19 deviants said :iconapplejackmadplz: Hated it!
18 deviants said :iconapplejackisdizzyplz: New best episode!

Devious Comments

OceanRailroader Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
It wasn't bad but it was kind of boring. What I notice about ponies is they are very big into pampering themselves by watching shows and going to spa or being heavy into fashion. I kind of think pony culture might be kind of boring.

At least with this episode I can have my villain Baal Make comments about how he is going to exterminate the pampered little ponies. Not to mention the ponies would at least fit in quite well with the consumerist humans in my fan fictions.
WhatASonicRainboom Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It was... OK; I found it pretty bland, honestly. Dash was also a little out of character. I thought it was cute that she secretly enjoyed spa-ing, but she has made it very clear, more than once that she cannot stand her hooves being touched. 
Lahirien Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I think that was just an excuse. She presents her tough exterior to her friends, but they all know she's a big softie at heart. And besides, that was four seasons ago. She's not allowed to develop? She got over thinking reading was too nerdy for her, why not pampering herself?
WhatASonicRainboom Featured By Owner 47 minutes ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Pampering is fine; growing a character is fine and expected, but when every dislike they have ever had shown, is suddenly gone for the sake of some cuteness in an episode, it just makes it feel a little OOC. If you disagree that is fine, but please respect that I don't share your opinion. 
ShimmerFur145 Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVED this episode. While nothing so far trumps "A Hearth's Warming Tail", this tied everything old and new about Applejack into one, sweet, apple cologne package. It gives a reason for "Somepony to Watch over Me" to exist. It shows how Applejack might have let go of other's opinions, but is stills struggling with persoal problems. This episode is why Applejack is best pony: because no matter how much of an anchor she is to the other main six, she will always think of others before herself, which can cause a very painful strain on her own health. She is more than just the Honest, dependable pony. She puts her heart and hard work in making sure everyone is well cared for, as the Element of "Chastity" should do.
AnimeStrife009 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is the first time I've ever clicked 'Didn't like it'.

As others have said, it seemed pointless and unnecessary. There was no moral or friendship lesson, just 'someone may get into a habit of doing things even though there's an easier way'. It was very slow and pretty much nothing happened. When Applejack fixed the pipe it felt like the end, I honestly checked to see if the episode was over. Then there wasn't, and it continued to be slow and pointless. And then it ended, leaving me really disappointed.

In all honesty, it was probably one of my least favourite MLP episodes in existence. IMO the only thing it did was give RariJack shippers some fuel, nothing else. It was just....bad compared to the other episodes. :( (just my opinion)
ShimmerFur145 Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought they actually redid Testing testing 123, changing the moral to "Do what works best for you", instead of "Study the right way." But the actual moral of this story is "If something doesn't seem right, find the root of the problem, instead of working around it." They gave two different examples, one direct, the other subtle. If a schedule or routine is taking too much time, or it's not productive, find what is making the overall problem (whether it be a leaky pipe or an inability to make a healthy upgrade) and fix that instead of working around it. Does that help you r outlook on this episode?
simplyFeatherbrain Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with the majority here. The only thing I have to add is, where was Lotus? She only had a few seconds of screen time compared to her twin. A bit odd if you ask me.
ProSonicIncorporated Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
They were hit with the same Orb of Stupidity that hit them in the season premiere, only this time instead of just being stupid, it basically called the audience stupid. It's still not the worst of the season, but the steam this season had before can't be fixed with the Handyman's Secret Weapon anymore.
DragonMaster137 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Argh it felt waaaaay too slow and dumbed down for audiences :( It shouldn't have taken that long to fix those problems, plus I feel the RD moments where there only to make up for the lack of pace.
It has an important message, but it was delivered so blandly and boringly. Such a contrast to last week's awesome episode.
trixeed Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student
It was ok ;v;
Thats all! XP
alviniscute Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
it was decent and cute. sadly, it was out of character for AJ and the princess was the one who saved the day for the other girls. great :P
LittleAngelTales Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
I found it rather boring and confusing Applejack fixed the steam room in the spa and Rarity kept whining at least she tried helping others instead of waiting in line and how on earth did Twilight didn't know how to correctly feed the pigs? and the chicken dance Applejack did was just stupid she has been working on the farm all her life surely she realized that the pigs wasn't scared of her opening the gate anymore.
Tartifondue Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pointless and boring. But at least there were ponies.
Underpable Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Student General Artist
I'll be seeing that spa Rarity in nightmares. Aloe's accent is cute tho. Or was it Lotus
houndoommegamaster Featured By Owner 12 hours ago
I was lmao! XD
asublimedreamer Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Student General Artist
Very bland and boring. A very 'meh' episode at best. Wasn't the worst but it definitely isn't one I'm going to re-watch ever again.
Lahirien Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
It was a great slice of life episode. Nothing revelatory besides a bit of character development, but it was fun. 
Daralydk Featured By Owner Edited 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
:iconapplejackreally: Ah don' rightly know, pardner.
It was jus' a pony pikin' plain
Dey could hafta prance up with sumthing betta'
Shamrock95 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
I enjoyed it. Nice and simple, and good for what it was.
mlpspixieproductions Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it was boring and dumb
Sneshneeorfa Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Was kind of bland, but ok I guess.
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