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What do you think is a reasonable/manageable number of deviations PER WEEK to be receiving from a group our size? (Avg. this month has been about 550/wk, submission limit is 1/wk.) 

89 deviants said 1000+
87 deviants said 500
69 deviants said <100
49 deviants said 300
48 deviants said 700
45 deviants said 200
44 deviants said 600
38 deviants said 400
17 deviants said 800
10 deviants said 900

Devious Comments

megaphonnic 15 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
4 words: the more, the better
It all goes down to how often people can check it, I can only get on once every week or so, however your big problem is not the amount, it's people constantly submitting the same one again and again.
oh come on 1000+ ?
Aint nobody got time to look at all of those properly !
I reckon 500 a week would be perfect from this group :D
got that right i don't have time to look at all that even now im just skimming really fast
Siblings-0f-Fate 21 hours ago  Student Artisan Crafter
considering that the majority of art is absolute crap from total amateurs, 200 is an understandable number per week if there is such a thing as quality control among admins in this art group.
Lahirien 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah now, I wouldn't say most of it is crap. We have rules that filter out the worst stuff pretty well, after all. I'd say "mundane" would be a better word, because even if it's better than anything I could ever draw, it could still be common and boring. There's no reason to reject that type of thing, though.

If you only want the masterpieces, just browse the gallery picks folder.
Scootabyte 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's reasonable as-is.
If we all do our part, set up a schedule and stick to it, we can manage to bring the per week deviation down to <100 a week. 

Of course every member would only be able to submit one picture every six years. 

Dibs on March 5th, 2017! 

But in all seriousness the strictest a group can make things is once a year submissions, and that would still be 600 a week average with our current membership, if everyone submits once. 

Personally I'm happy with the amount I'm getting currently. Which is to say, I'm happy with the amount of art people are willing to delivery. 
HungrySohma16 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As a contributor I would like to be able to put down more than one piece a week
BUT as a watcher, there are more than enough submissions. If not, then too many.
So keep it where its at, I think its pretty balanced where it is.
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